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Indoor Surfaces

Response HG™


Championships run through our courts. Sport Court has been trusted with being the Official Playing Surface of the NCAA Volleyball Championships and USA Volleyball National Teams. Response HG™ is championship tested, and the surface's superior traction and top notch shock absorption makes it the ideal surface for any sport. Response HG™ is also easy to maintain, which means you save money in the long run. Since the installation process is as little as three days, you can buy a Sport Court with Response HG™ tommorrow, and host a championship game by the end of the week.

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Maple Select™


For a more affordable, safer floor that has the finish of hardwood, you'll want to choose Maple Select™. This unique flooring offers the same look and feel of hardwood, but it offers easy installation and less upkeep. Because it's so easy to clean, requires low maintence and is durable, you can rest easy knowing you own a court that will look and play great for athletes for years to come.

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Response: Retrofit & Customizable™


For exceptional shock absorption and a noticeable improvement in your performance, you'll want to consider a Response™ floor. With a court with Response™ technology, you'll have athletes playing longer and safer on your court.

Response™ is built to increase resilience while also giving you the ability to customize the court to whatever sport you want. Response™ is specially formulated and built to cover old floors, and it helps owners avoid large costs and dangers to hazardous materials that are involved with worn-out flooring.

Response™ is also engineered with Lateral Forgiveness™, which means that joint strain and other injuries are greatly reduced on your court. 


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Defense™ is one of the best choices for a court that needs to be top-of-the-line, comfortable to play on, and low cost. The affordability of Defense™ is great for facilities who are primarily used by younger atheletes or kids in elementary or middle school. Its easy and quick installation is convenient for people looking to set up a court quickly, without having to sacrifice any quality or safety features. 


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Outdoor Surfaces



For those days where you want to play outside, but you don't want to play on a dangerous outdoor court, there's PowerGame™. PowerGame™ is the safest outdoor court in the industry, and it features the lowest skin abrasion ratio of any outdoor court surface, and it's built with only the best materials and UV stabilizers.


PowerGame is built with a Double-Tier shock absorbing grid and Lateral Forgiveness™. That means you can worry less about getting injured, and focus more on you jump shot. 

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Sport Game™


One day you might be playing basketball, but the next you want to play soccer. That's when the versatility of SportGame™ comes into play. SportGame's™ design produces superior traction and low abrasion, which means it's a safe, high quality court at an affordable price.

Along with its patented Lateral-Forgiveness™ technology, your SportGame™ court helps reduce your risk of joint stress and fatigue.

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Sport Deck™


For a superior racquet sport game, you'll want a SportDeck™ on your side. SportDeck™ can be installed over most hard surfaces, and it's built to last longer than a typical acrylic court. For almost two decades, people have been trusting SportDeck™ for their racquet sports because of the above average ball control it provides and reduced joint stress and fatigue thanks to the patented Lateral Forgiveness™ technology.

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Sport Base™


SportBase™ is the ideal high-performance, durable concrete replacement for your court. SportBase™ is also environmentally friendly thanks to its 100% recycled materials. 

SportBase™ is a high-performance, durable concrete replacement for your Game Court or outdoor court surface. To get the best out of your SportBase™, make sure it's placed under a stable foundation.

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Hoops & Lights™


We don't just provide the best courts on the market, we also provide professional in-ground basketball hoop systems that offer unparalleled performance and superior safety. Our Slam Systems protect your hoops from corrosion and our height adjustment system makes it easy for any athlete to play, no matter how old they are. 

The tempered glass backboards and Slam Systems also provide exceptional rebound capabilities. For increase safety, our hoops also come with backboard and pole pads.

Sometimes daylight wants to leave before you're ready to stop playing outside. Sport Court Light System lets you play throughout the night thanks to the system's single and double headed lighting solutions.


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Nobody likes having to get the ball once it's gone out of bounds. Avoid the hassle with our Rebounders. Rebounders are built with a spring-netting that allows the ball to simply bounce right back to you if it goes out of bounds. Whether it's for basketball, soccer, tennis or baseball, everyone could use the convenience of Rebounders.

Rebounders come in two custom sizes: 10X10 and 10X20. If you're looking for a customized rebounder, talk to your local CourtBuilder to see what options work best for you. 


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Ball Containment

Never worry about your ball rolling into your neighbor's yard ever again with the Sport Court™ Ball Containment system. Sport Court Ball Containment uses a soft-fence netting that's pleasing to the eye and practical for the court. The Containment System ideal for any sport thanks to its customizeable features.

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Multi-Purpose Net Systems


For the perfect serve every time, you'll want to consider getting our multi-purpose net system. Our nets allow you to raise or lower them as needed, and they're easy to use and safe for anyone to use. With just a couple of cranks you can go from playing tennis to volleyball in a couple of minutes.


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Putting Greens 


Improve your putting game immensely with our Putting Greens. Along with being a great spot to practice your shot, our putting greens also give your backyard the beautiful look and feel of a golf course.

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